Building 3, The 6th Tourist District ,

Juhayna Square , 6th October city, Giza, Egypt.

License No. 4011/2011- Egypt
(Embracing our Oneness)


 Aliaa Rafea (Aliaa R. Rafea) has established the Human Foundation, confirming her father Master Rafea Muhmmad Rafea' message of love and peace and in gratitude to her brother Master Ali Rafea

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The Human Foundation (HF) is a pioneer organization in Egypt, focusing on  building inner peace, openness, and human compassion, believing that the betterment of life starts by unfolding within human hearts their interconnection with life as manifested in all beings. The awareness of the oneness of life and the oneness of humanity are basis for bringing the world together to face human and natural crisis.  

The Human Foundation is an umbrella for projects that serve its vision and mission. it respects and encourage scientific research and welcome forum and conferences that bring science to serve humane endeavors.

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Upcoming Events

يسر مؤسسة البناء الإنساني والتنمية

أن تعلن عن توفر عدد من إصداراتها لدى منافذ توزيع

مؤسسة الأهرام

في معرض القاهرة الدولي للكتاب في دورته الثانية والخمسون

إبتداءٍ من 30 يونيو وحتى 15 يوليو 2021 المقام في مركز مصر للمعارض الدولية - القاهرة الجديدة .. وعلى مدار 15 يوم

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Building 3, The 6th Tourist District , Juhayna Square , 6th October



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