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Building 3, The 6th Tourist District , Juhayna Square , 6th October city, Giza, Egypt.


The Human Foundation understand that through our human history, humanity has lived in various forms of illusion, veiling our ability to connect to our inner self, to our human family, to nature, to the cosmos and to the Divine. These veils have crippled our sense of freedom, putting barriers between people within the same nation, and between nations and civilizations. As a result, prejudices, enmity, and other imbalances have been creating conflicts, wars, and human misery.
When we become aware of our oneness and connection, barriers break, peace prevails, love finds its way to our hearts, and humankind come together to create a better world. Love in action is what the world needs today; no need for more doctrines, or ideologies; it is only through living experiences that humans can ensure their connectedness, and reveal their love towards one another. Knowledge brings love to its real power. Without knowledge, we will not be able to face natural/ social, political challenges, and continue dynamically toward human centered sustainable development.
Through its board of trustees’ members and those who share the vision of HF nationally and internationally, HF continuously embraces programs and projects to fulfill its mission.

أنشطة ثقافية 

يمكنكم الآن الحصول على إصداراتنا التالية 

  •    عين رؤية وارتواء "علياء رافع" 

  •  " كن نفسك .. تكن سعيداً " الطبعة الثالثة
    "عائشة رافع"  

  •  رحلة في عالم إنسان
     "علياء رضاه رافع"

  •  رحلة حب وسلام "
    مها جوهر-محسن إمام"

  • تنزيل إلهي ومفاهيم بشرية آفاق بلا حدود
    "علي وعلياء وعائشة رافع"

  • شجرة مباركة
    علياء رافع "

  • التربية تواصل تعاون متعة
    "عائشة رافع"

  • أمورة وبهلول
    "قصة أطفال" مأمن رافع

  • الإسلام كتاب وإنسان
    "علي رافع"

  • حكمة الإسلام في سيرة مسلم
    "رافع محمد رافع "

  • العقد الجوهري في مناقب الشيخ طنطاوي جوهري
    لتلميذه زكريا أحمد رشدى الإسكندرى اعداد ومراجعة
    الدكتور فتحي صالح 

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