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Building 3, The 6th Tourist District , Juhayna Square , 6th October City, Giza, Egypt 


The Human Foundation (HF) is a pioneer organization in Egypt. Our focus is to build inner peace, openness, and human compassion, as we believe that human beings will lead a better life when their hearts are full of positive energies..
The organization is conducting programs for all age groups. We aim at raising and disseminating the awareness of our human oneness, as well as freeing the human hearts from prejudices and biases.

Although the HF is a newly born organization, the preparation for its birth took a lifelong experience from its founder, Prof. Rafea.The active participants have expertise in fields that support the foundation’s message.

The foundation has both theoretical and practical experience in the field of how and why humans are not capable of experiencing an inner life permeated with love and manifested in action . Active participants have done research in religions, psychology, history, archeology, heritage, arts, and anthropology. Members of the Board of Trustees have different experiences in diverse fields, such as astronomy, cultural heritage, agriculture & development, computer sciences, education, business administration and marketing. These varying experiences function to maximize the pace towards our

General Outlook:

We understand that through our human history, the humanity have lived in various forms of illusion, veiling our ability to connect to our inner self and to cognize the divine spark within our hearts.These veils have crippled our sense of freedom, putting barriers between people within the same nation, and between various nations and civilizations. As a result, prejudices, enmity, and other imbalances have been creating conflicts and wars.

On the other hand, our history reveals that ancient peoples have realized the spiritual aspects of our existence and expressed this realization in different ways. Heavenly revelations moved in the same path, using different expressions. When we are aware of that dimension, our choices in life would change, and each one of us would decide which role they would like to play, to make a difference in the process of improving the condition of life.

Revelations guide our step to take positive actions, and to make decisions that enhance spreading peace and love within ourselves and around.

Spirituality in action is what the world needs today; no more doctrines, words, or ideologies; it is only through living experiences that humans can understand the meaning of spiritual guidance. Concisely, spirituality in action is an expression of unconditional love.

Through love, we are able to transcend our fears, desires, and worries. Love is the creative energy that nourishes our souls, and motivates us to work hard to contribute to the wellbeing of humankind as a whole. It is through love that we feel that we belong to one another, and realize what it means to be human. This is the path, which fulfills the longing of the soul to reach freedom; it is through love that we become aware of the Divine Source, the Great Merciful Spirit.

On the ground love stands behind, and inspires our efforts to improve our human and natural conditions. We work to do that for our personal lives, and for humanity as a whole.

In The Human Foundation, we believe that planting a seed today is a necessary step to bring about a tree tomorrow, and that lighting a small candle invites people to light theirs, and conquer darkness. We work to attract people who have the same outlook, and persuade others to share with us our endeavor, aiming at magnifying positive


We believe that when we come together in collaboration, we will form a great symphony of love that embraces humanity, and supports everyone to live a dignified life. Through a strong balanced human foundation, we are planting the seed of a future civilization
where peace and love prevail. We start from Egypt, aiming to spread this spirit to the whole globe.


A Society where citizens have equal opportunities to bring forth their human potential, by contributing positively to their human and natural environments.


We work to foster human values that cherish freedom, maintain equality and justice, respect diversities, cultivate gender balance, and secure human rights. We are guided by the belief that such values are intrinsically related to the fulfillment of human potential.


  • Disseminating cultural values which support initiatives in the field of human development.

  • Fostering research in areas that serve the Foundation’s mission, using multi and interdisciplinary approaches with collaboration with academic institutions.

  • Establishing specialized studies related to the Foundation’s projects.

  • Capacity building programs in human development, science, art, and

  • Sponsoring workshops, forums, lectures and similar activities.

  • Organizing symposiums and conferences.

  • Establishing schools and academic institutions, including  universities.

  • Collecting references and establishing libraries.

  • Publishing magazines and newsletters.

  • Establishing projects which help absorb the productive force in the society.

  • Supporting medical services, especially in the field of alternative medicine.

  • Organizing exhibitions.

  • Every possible activity to strengthen cultural relations among nations, including exchanging visits, and sending delegations.

  • Deepening the value of human oneness and friendship among nations in search for global peace. 

  • Every possible action to establish social peace.

  • Printing, publishing and distributing books, which serve the Foundation’s mission, and are in harmony with its goals.

  • Producing documentaries, and artistic films that support the Foundation’s mission.

  • Collaborating with other NGOs, organizations, and institutions which share the Foundation’s mission.

  • Building projects through entrepreneurship.