:General Framework

Under the supervision of Sayyeda/Aisha Rafea, Be Your Self Project offers its services to a wide spectrum of Egyptians with special attention to children. This project uses well-established, proven tools to educate participants how to harmonize between mind,
body and spirit. By using different methods, programs target heart purification, healing the wounded souls, empowerment, self – discovery, and more
Those programs emphasize the universal message of authentic love, compassion and understanding, and are suitable to different religious and cultural backgrounds. Within this framework, the educational program was presented in several schools in Egypt.

It was also presented in orphanages, companies as well as Governmental entities; such as the National Council for Women in Egypt
The programs are available and are taught in Arabic and English. One of the most recent accomplishments of the project is the publication of the "Be Yourself Be Happy"
book by Aisha Rafea; a collection of spiritual literature with guiding material for personal growth. The Foundation is preparing to publish the second edition of this book. In a less than one year, the first edition was out of print



Humans know how to realize wellness in all its emotional, psychological, mental,physical and spiritual dimensions. They enjoy a sense of healthy self-esteem, courage, benevolence, peace, creativity, integrity, contentment
and fulfillment



The program supplies the participants with the tools to discover their higher potentials and make use of them for creatively, transforming their lives into more fulfilling ones

Objectives: Participants gain the expertise of

  1. Realizing a sense of deeper happiness and peacefulness that is not conditioned by any external factors.

  2.  Turning life challenges into means of growing and expanding.

  3. Replacing unhealthy personal fears by a deeper sense of safety; guilt by a capability of letting go; resentment by contentment.

  4. Transforming limiting beliefs, ideas and attitudes (nurtured by indoctrinating education and culture) into liberating, constructive and encouraging ones.

  5. Building up healthy self-esteem, self-confidence and self-forgiveness.

  6. Becoming more conscious in one’s relationships and transforming them into healthier, more peaceful and more rewarding ones.

  7. Breaking free from recurring harmful experiences (anger, stress,disappointment..etc)

  8. Developing truthful and effective tools of communication, and breaking free from abusive relationships.



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