Women Gathering For Change Conference

Women Gathering For Change Envisioning ways to Create a Healthier Future Conference March 16-19, 2016 - Egypt Jointly organized by the Human Foundation and Bibliotheca Alexandrina Supported by The International Association of Sufism ,and Women and Global Change In the land of one of the oldest civilizations, where the balance between the feminine and the masculine prevailed, “Women Gathering for Change: Envisioning Ways to Create a Healthier Future Conference” will take place. As we live in a crucial time, facing numerous challenges, and threats, we need to envision new ways to create a healthier future, with the goal of saving our planet, our race and all

Sufism: an inquiry - Vol17.3


The oldest of many civilizations where the balance between the feminine and masculine prevailed hosted Women Gathering For Change ways to create a healthier future from march 16-19- 2016

 Bibliotheca Alexandrina indicating its recogni- tion regarding the importance of women's contribu- tions to needed changes and inspiring solutions that bring good to all life sponsored the Program. The Library had revived the ancient mission of the initial library, in that it gathers knowledge from around the world-making Alexandria a relevant meeting point for cultural dialogues. The conference scheduled eleven panels. The themes included: Women Creating Change, Gender Medicine and Dissemination of Traditional Medicines and Practices, the Collaborative Economy and New forms of Collaborative Development of New Styles of Life, Women Promoting Peace: New Visions and Ac- tions, Refugee Crisis: Loving One's Neighbor as One- self, Health from a Futuristic Perspective, Women, Nature and Environmental Changes, Future Leadership style

The Women Creating Change conference con- cluded on the evening of Friday March 18th, with a closing statement and plans for future actions. The Conference brought a great number of wom- en who have contributed so much to the wellbeing of the human family. They presented their experiences and messages, while inspiring more innovative ideas and contributions from a great number of the audience.

An article about Be yourself - be happy in Sufism journal ,
was written by MRS. Aisha Rafea ,the designer of Be-Yourself program.
you can find the article at page 38-39 in the following link:


An article about the Egyptian from Paris
byAnne Edelstam, Alexandria.
.The Egyptian cultural scene is alive and thriving. Books are being translated and written like never before. Through literature, poetry, painting and rap people express their inner thoughts and dreams. Women take a large and active part in this silent but expressive revolution.

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