News  2014

The Wisdom of The Ancient Egyptians

  • 26 OCT 

  • The Human Foundation Organization Hosted The great Archaeologist Dr Fekry Hassan in a seminar titled "The Wisdom of The Ancient Egyptians"

IBM Shield

  • 24 SEP

  • The Human Foundation Organization received  the  appreciation shield of IBM (Egypt and the Middle East), during a celebration held by the company on 24 September. This honor came because of the efforts made ​​by the project "Be yourself" to support the development of special education programs to IBM. 

Al-Ahram Wilkie  published an investigation of the project "Asl w Wasl"

  • 1 JUL

The First batch graduation of workers' training in the "Egyptian Handicraft" project

  • 22 MAR

  • The graduation of plumbing workers in the "Egyptian Handicraft" project and they are ready to start work immediately.

The Ceremony of "Be Yourself" Certificates' Distribution 

  • 17 MAR

  • The graduation of "Be yourself" trainers