The Human Foundation (HF) is a pioneer organization in Egypt, focusing on  building inner peace, openness, and human compassion, believing that the betterment of life starts by unfolding within human hearts their interconnection with life as manifested in all beings. The awareness of the oneness of life and the oneness of humanity are basis for bringing the world together to face human and natural crisis.  

The Human Foundation is an umbrella for projects that serve its vision and mission. it respects and encourages scientific research and welcome forum and conferences that bring science to serve humane endeavors.

General Outlook:


 Awakening humankind's consciousness to their deep interconnection opens a new perspective to bring people together in harmony, albeit with different cultures, religions, races, colors, gender, and other variations. Beyond all these diversities, human beings have a meeting point within their existence. All people share being human and seek self-realization. The awareness of our shared human foundation paves the way towards peace and plants the seed of a new world.


A Society where citizens have equal opportunities to bring forth their human potential, by contributing positively to their human and natural environments.


We work to foster human values that cherish freedom, maintain equality and justice, respect diversities, cultivate gender balance, and secure human rights. We are guided by the belief that such values are intrinsically related to the fulfillment of human potential.

  • Disseminating cultural values which support initiatives in the field of human development.

  • Fostering research in areas that serve the Foundation’s mission, using multi and interdisciplinary approaches with collaboration with academic institutions.

  • Establishing specialized studies related to the Foundation’s projects.

  • Capacity building programs in human development, science, art, and

  • Sponsoring workshops, forums, lectures and similar activities.

  • Organizing symposiums and conferences.

  • Establishing schools and academic institutions, including  universities.

  • Collecting references and establishing libraries.

  • Publishing magazines and newsletters.

  • Establishing projects which help absorb the productive force in the society.

  • Supporting medical services, especially in the field of alternative medicine.

  • Organizing exhibitions.

  • Every possible activity to strengthen cultural relations among nations, including exchanging visits, and sending delegations.

  • Deepening the value of human oneness and friendship among nations in search for global peace. 

  • Every possible action to establish social peace.

  • Printing, publishing and distributing books, which serve the Foundation’s mission, and are in harmony with its goals.

  • Producing documentaries, and artistic films that support the Foundation’s mission.

  • Collaborating with other NGOs, organizations, and institutions which share the Foundation’s mission.

  • Building projects through entrepreneurship.