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Dr. Mohammed El-Beltagy

   Secretary General
Dr. Mohammed El-Beltagy
was founder of Optomatica . He has extensive experience applying optimization, machine learning, simulation, modeling and agent-based models to a variety of business and engineering problems. He is the CEO of Optomatica, a Cairo based Optimization and Machine learning company. He is also the CTO and co-founder of RaceFox, an AI coaching company based in Stockholm.

Mohammed received a Ph.D. degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Southampton, UK. He was a Senior Scientist at Bios Group, Inc., in Santa Fe, New Mexico, where he helped to optimize various aspects of the operations of several Fortune 50 companies. He was a co-founder of Peerialism (later Hive Streaming), a Stockholm base corporate live Streaming company. He was a co-founder of Novelari, an innovation accelerator. Dr. El-Beltagy was a Professor of Operations Research at Cairo University, where he lectured on Computational Intelligence, Game Theory and Optimization.

He is the author of numerous publication in Optimization, Machine Learning, Simulation, and Agent Based Modeling. He wrote 13 international patents.