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Dr. Mohammed El-Beltagy

   Secretary General
Dr. Mohammed El-Beltagy has an extensive experience in applying optimization, machine learning, simulation, modeling and agent-based models to a variety of business and engineering problems. He has a Bachelor's degree in Mechanical engineering design from the American University in Cairo, a Master's degree in Mechatronics from Lancaster University, and a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Southampton, England. He has worked as a Senior Scientist at Bios Group, Inc., where he helped optimize various aspects of the operations of Fortune 50 companies. 
He is currently an associate professor at the Faculty of Computers and Information at Cairo University where he lectures on Computational Intelligence, Game Theory, and Network Optimization. Dr. El-Beltagy maintains collaborative ties with academics at Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, and the University of Colorado. 
In addition to his academic interests; he continues to apply his talents to address real world challenges in industry. He is a co-founder of Peerialism AB, a Stockholm based company that provides P2P media distribution solutions and the principle of Optomatica, a business strategy and analytics consultancy.