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M.Mostafa El-Beltagy

Mr. Mostafa El Beltagy

Mostafa El-Beltagy is a marketer and an entrepreneur currently working in the telecommunication industry. He has managed Prepaid Customer Acquisition & Retention, which is one of the two main areas of prepaid business in Vodafone, South Africa.

Mostafa is also a co-founder of the leading traffic information service in Egypt: "Bey2ollak". Unlike most traffic services that rely on heavy investment, this service relies on the power of the people, who inform each other through a mobile application at virtually no cost. Due to the innovative approach; the company has been featured in both press and TV with the likes of CNN, NY Times, and Al Jazeera English. Because of this approach; the company also has a strong potential of reapplying this same model in many other developing countries with similar conditions. Mostafa also brings his experience in Marketing Research at AC Nielsen, where he has worked with some of the largest fast moving consumer goods producers in Egypt.