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Oneness of Humanity
Disseminating the Awareness of Peace and Love


The project envisions a world where peoples get to realize that they belong to one another, and have the will to break cultural, religious, and all other barriers. This is in order to spread peace and love, and come together to make the world a better place for all.


Through research and applied projects; the project aims at revealing the underlying message of love and peace within human spiritual heritage. This is applied on both; heavenly revelations and spiritual wisdom conveyed through great teachers of humanity in the East and West.



We feel that throughout history, the basic concepts that underlie the teachings of all revelations have been misunderstood, misused, misrepresented, distorted and overlooked. On one level, we attempt to clear up misconceptions by uncovering the underlying common humane message of Revelations. We are convinced that the aim of
all revelations is to guide humans through their earthly journey to make their life spiritually fruitful. This is the life, which is full of hope, love, gratitude, and forgiveness. This path encourages citizens of the world to work hard to solve conflicts, and do research in all fields of knowledge, taking every possible action to improve the human
life condition on earth.

This is only likely to happen if we -citizens of the earth- search for our human common base and cultivate the spirit of compassion and love in our hearts. Wisdom coming to humankind through great teachers along the history has guided and continues to guide
humanity to the way of how to cultivate our inherited spirituality.
This project is a continuation of the initiative that Master Ali Rafea took within the Egyptian Society for Spiritual and Cultural Research.



On the conceptual aspect of the project, we conduct research in the following directions:

  1. We seek to find common themes, which underlie diversities of expression in human spiritual heritage. We conduct research in this area, believing that revelations – in all forms- guide humans to live in harmony with the law of their creation, and accordingly understand their role and message on earth.

  2. We work to clarify the fact that Islam as revealed to Prophet Muhammad guides humanity to the path, and the method to live according to the Divine Law, demonstrating that all revelations target this same purpose.

  3. Explain reasons that led to the emergence of thoughts and practices that deviate from the original Teaching. These trends have been stressing dogma and ethnocentrism.

  4. Shed light on the old and new works and wisdom, in the east, west and everywhere, which guide people to live according to spiritual principles, in order to be in harmony with the Divine Law.

The fulfillment of the four objectives continues through most of the Human Foundation activities. The two major projects in the Foundation, namely Be Yourself, and Origin and Oneness (Assl wa Wassl) deal with the archaic wisdom that is manifested in ancient civilizations, revelations, and present teachings.
In addition, The HF sponsors courses inspired by these goals. Prof. Dr. Aliaa Rafea teaches a course on the analytical psychology, with the aim of uncovering the archaic wisdom inherited in our collective unconscious. She also teaches on the Cultural History of Egypt, and holds regular public forums to tackle the mentioned issues.